Case Studies

  • NJ and PA Roofing General Contractor Fortified Roofing
    • Testimonial:  "We hired them after Hurricane Sandy to scale up a new storm sales department. They took over from day one and immediately started their implementation process. They created all the marketing and re branding and sales documents, processes and systems. Along with full scale recruiting, hiring, training and best of all management of the sales team.

      Needless to say having access to them resulted in my being able to remain focused 100% on my retail roofing business (we experienced little to no disruption to our current business during the past 3 years we've worked together) . Because of their management and involvement in setting things up, I was able to quickly, efficiently and more importantly profitably get into the post storm market.

      Again in 2014 the day after the Reading PA Hailstorm, we engaged them to duplicate their storm sales systems. Resulting in even more sales and higher efficiency and profitability.

      I have been extremely satisfied and their continual ability to scale and deliver a fully functioning sales department, which has resulted in a great working relationship. Should there be another storm anywhere near our service area you can bet we will be asking them for help again.

      If you are new to the insurance claims industry, or have little experience, they are the absolute quickest, best and most profitable way to immediately capture market share after a storm"  John Kabourakis Fortified Roofing .
  • All American Roofing NC General Contractor
    • They came to our company in 2010 after having been in business for over 11 years.

      A major hailstorm hit their area and they didn't know what to do or how to start with this newly created market. Although they had been in the roofing and general contracting business for 11 years they had never seen anything like this storm.

      They contacted us from a referral source who told them about our services. We met a couple of times, then they decided to engage our services to show them how to implement a business strategy whereby they could capture and maximize new revenues created by this storm.

      Our first year with them we led in generating over $5.4 million dollars in new business. Profit margins soared and insurance supplements added another $327,347 to their revenues.  President Mark Deboo, Charlotte NC  

      Due to the implementation of the Hailmax system, the organization is ready to expand and open new territories and markets.
  • Case Study From A South Carolina Contractor 2011
    • Total Claims Supplemented: 189
      Total Supplements Approved: 150
      Approval Percentage: 80%
      Average Initial Claim amount: $6337.60
      Average Claim Increase: $1984.00
      Average increase of 32%
      Net Increase to Contractor $297,600
  • Case Study From A North Carolina Contractor 2011
    • Total Claims Supplemented: 319
      Total Supplements Approved: 309
      Approval Percentage: 96.8%
      Average Initial Claim amount: $8,329.87
      Average Claim Increase: $2,315.70
      Average increase of 27.79%
      Net Increase to Contractor $715,553.30

Supplement Example

  • From the Sanctuary
    • Cedar Shake Roof
      Original Insurance Claim: $54,764.87
      After HailmaX Supplement approval: $91,987.77
      Net increase $37221.90
  • From the Palisades
    • 50 yr & Standing Seam Copper
      Original Insurance Claim: $51,487.86
      After HailmaX Supplement: $91,437.67
      Net increase $39,949.75

Experts in Maximizing Storm Revenues

  • Over $28.0 Million Sold and Produced
  • 100% -150% Revenue increases utilizing Hailmax Systems
  • Rookies with no hail sales experience average sales of over $750k per season 



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