Contractor, Sales Optimization Solutions

  • How to develop customers 4 Life in under 60 days
  • Create a Systems Dependent Business Model in 90 days
  • Sales Team Revenue maximization increase sales by over 100%
  • Business Planning and Management Consulting, Building a better more efficient and profitable business
Coaching or consulting conducted by one of our certified business coaches, with over 35 years business start ups, scale, expansion, management expertise. Coaching conducted via phone, on site, and video share, Google hangouts, Skype etc.

You're dedicated Coach working with you as your accountability partner, guiding you to become a better business owner.  Helping you to overcome obstacles that keep you from greatness.  Assisting you with your vision, planning, people, processes and the daunting task of being an entrepreneur.

After 35 years as a business owner having owned multiple businesses Brian Wyant our executive head coach comes to you with a huge heart to serve and help and a resume with extreme and extensive experiences in all areas of business.

If you're an entrepreneur we understand because we have been there, we have been that entrepreneur for 40 + years and we know the challenges and obstacles.


  • Average rookie sales rep $750k per season utilizing Hailmax Systems
  • Documented 100% Storm Revenue Increase utilizing Hailmax Systems

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Experts in Maximizing Storm Revenues

  • Over $28.0 Million Sold and Produced
  • 100% -150% Revenue increases utilizing Hailmax Systems
  • Rookies with no hail sales experience average sales of over $750k per season 



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