Storm Systems Implementation

What is The Hailmax Storm Sales Optimization SYSTEM

Bottom Line:  More Sales, More Leads, More Referrals

A step by step guide that will TRANSFORM your sales production in EVERY storm you work in.

We take you by the hand and make it SIMPLE to understand and implement

This is the NEW,  Tested and best yet PROVEN system resulting in sales production of $750,000 PER ROOKIE SALES REP

We have implemented this in 5 different storm locations over the last 5 years with over $20,000,000 IN SALES VOLUME

You just got hit by a huge hail storm, wind or hurricane and need to quickly ramp up your sales team, maximize revenues and quickly scale your operations.  Our combined 78 years of expertise in business planning, ownership, and management provides a resource to get your business up and running profitably quickly.
Don't try to re-invent the wheel, we have solutions you can implement and be in this lucrative storm restorations business in no time.

The insurance repairs and restorations industry and business are 180 degrees different than business as usual general contracting. There are insurance proceeds, completely different contracts and agreements, adjusters to deal with, industry specific software and pricing estimating used. If you don't know how to plan, execute, implement and manage this type of business and the cash flow that comes with it you will not capture the potential created by a hail, wind storm or hurricane.

Our staff and company leadership has a combined 78 years expertise in business planning, implementation, processes, systems, and cash flow management. We are experts in planning and setting up business to capture post storm revenues.

Find out more about our process.

Experts in Maximizing Storm Revenues

  • Over $28.0 Million Sold and Produced
  • 100% -150% Revenue increases utilizing Hailmax Systems
  • Rookies with no hail sales experience average sales of over $750k per season 



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