Our Process

Phase I Assessment phase:   We conduct a 1-2 day onsite detailed assessment of your current business model.  This is a critical stage in evaluating your resources, staff, processes, financials, production and sales increase capacity.  Basically how you currently do business along with how much more business you can manage and manage extremely well and profitably.
Phase II Customized Game Plan  Is a 3-5 day event to create your customized winning game plan.  We take all the details from the assessment, add to this your ability and capabilities to grow, define the growth and added volume that makes sense for your organization to create the game plan.  It's at this time we define tasks, milestones, game plan "ownership" the team member who will ultimately own direct and implement the plan and people needed to execute the plan.
Phase III Implementation:  This is where we turn on the sales and support engine all systems go.  1 week On-site beginning to guide your team in the implementation/execution phase.  Your game plan leader business manager is in full control now.  We walk along-side your management team and key team members to assure focused attention on execution of the game plan!  This phase also includes documents to support The Hailmax Sales System. 
Phase IV Ongoing Coaching Monthly on-site integration training along with coaching calls to help your game plan manager stay focused and on track, accountability to the plan and offer solutions and suggestions to obstacles and challenges.  We stay with you for a minimum of 4 months until you are comfortable with your execution.  Base plan is 4 months and 8-10 coaching calls. 

Experts in Maximizing Storm Revenues

  • Over $28.0 Million Sold and Produced
  • 100% -150% Revenue increases utilizing Hailmax Systems
  • Rookies with no hail sales experience average sales of over $750k per season 



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